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Discover how A1 Academia can help you transform the experience of student lifecycle management. Get the technology you need to meet your goals.

Student Records

Expand the scope of student records & centralize storage... read more

Curriculum Management

Expand the scope of student records & centralize storage... read more

Student Finance

Learn how you can improve, expand, fine tune and enhance the student financial processes of your institution. With the integration to student records, the student finance module has been designed to be more discerning, more agile and accurate... read more

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About A1 Academia

A1 Academia has its origins from the innovative engagement of Alliance Techonogies Research and Development team... read more

Proof of Concept?

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Why A1 Academia

Cost and quality advantages

No licence fees no buyout cost.


A1 Academia is built to manage a multi-campus environment where campuses are dispersed.

Comprehensive set of features

Adaptive application dictionary to customize and enhance the feature set.

Open source standards

A1 Academia is built on top of open source technologies.

Professionalism and reliability

A1 Academia is growing both as a product and the community supporting it. Above this it has long term support by a commercial firm